Sunday, February 14, 2010

Riched20.dll error message in outlook 2003

On start of outlook 2003 you may receive the following error messages

Outlook.exe caused an 'access violation' fault in module riched20.dll at 014f:4802bc95.


Outlook caused an Invalid Page Fault in riched20.dll.

And when you trying to create a new email message the following error message will occur

Unable to load "riched20.dll". You may be out of memory, out of system resources, or missing a .dll file.

The reason for this error message is Riched20.dll on your computer is damaged or missing

To resolve this error search in the computer to check whether riched20.dll exists in the computer. If exists then rename the riched20.dll the file. Follow the following steps

1. Click start -> Search

2. In the search box type "riched20.dll". Select search all files and folders

3. Start search

4. If search resuls showing file called "riched20.dll" then right click - > rename
and type another name for the file

5. Then you have repair the outlook 2003

Start outlook 2003

in the help menu select "Detect and Repair"

Follow all the instructions

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